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   Author: NeoFuriitka | 10-12-2017, 12:13
HomeWiki - 1.0.2 Portable (Rus & Eng)  [VlaikNull]

HomeWiki . HomeWiki , , , , .

ags homewiki, portable, rus, eng, vlaiknull
   Author: nguyenvantrinh | 8-11-2010, 14:21
Gore: Ultimate Soldier (pc/eng)

Gore: Ultimate Soldier
PC game | Genre: SciFi FirstPerson Shooter | 330 MB

ags gore, ultimate, soldier, eng
   Author: sawyer88 | 8-11-2010, 13:20
Total Commander DreamLair 2010 (Eng, Ukr, Rus)

Total Commander DreamLair 2010 (Eng, Ukr, Rus) | 103.57 Mb

Total Commander DreamLair - software package based on the popular file manager Total Commander. Added configuration, plug-ins and additional tools that will significantly broaden the base to the file manager and ensure optimum performance. Also added a set of programs for viewing and editing of different file types, for the basic computer maintenance and maximum viewing comfort.

ags total, commander, dreamlair, 2010, eng, ukr, rus
   Author: marry | 8-11-2010, 12:27
Seal of Evil (PC/ENG).

Seal of Evil (PC/ENG)
Language: ENG | PC | Developer: Object | Publisher: Strategy First | 1.6 Gb
Genre: Role-Playing

The game takes place in the Warring States period (476-206 B.C.) at the end of the Zhou dynasty. Play as Lan Wei, a young female chieftan, who is young, beautiful and a martial arts expert. After the death of her father she will set out on an adventure with her boyfriend and a Beastman to find the Empyrean Stones. The five Empyrean Stones are the remains of a stone tablet imprisoning the soul of a demon.

ags seal, evil, eng
   Author: colliders | 8-11-2010, 12:12
[PC] Operation Flashpoint - ENG

[PC] Operation Flashpoint - ENG | 840 MB

It's 1985, and Gorbachev has just risen to power. While he's busy pursuing glasnost and perestroika, as well as charming the world with his birthmark, other Soviets are getting irked at the new regime. Naturally, they take over a small island and turn it into an armed fortress. That's where you come in, G.I. Player One. A tactical shooter somewhat in the vein of Rainbow Six, the Bohemia Interactive-developed Operation Flashpoint also allows players to operate a variety of land, sea and air vehicles. Additionally, players are able, and in some cases required to scavenge weapons off dead enemy soldiers. The game can be played from a third- or first-person perspective.

ags operation, flashpoint, eng
   Author: marry | 8-11-2010, 12:03
World in Conflict: Soviet Assault 2009 Full RIP (ENG) Fast Full.

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault 2009 Full RIP (ENG) | 2.75 GB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time)/3D | Developer: Massive Entertainment | Platform: PC

Strategy World in Conflict has shaken the foundations of the genre, offering a fresh perspective on familiar pastimes. In it the players do not have to expend energy on the monotonous base construction and production of scarce resources - instead, the virtual generals from the first minutes were thrown into a fierce battle. Passions and the crazy dynamics of action have surpassed all expectations, and such a great breakthrough did not go unnoticed. Many eminent publication called World in Conflict best strategy for 2007.

ags world, conflict, soviet, assault, 2009, full, rip, eng, fast, full
   Author: marry | 8-11-2010, 11:55
Enemy Engaged: Apache V Havoc (PC/Eng).

Enemy Engaged: Apache V Havoc
PC game | English | Genre: Helicopter Sim | 465 MB

East meets West in an apocalyptic clash of the superpowers as the US Apache Longbow and the Russian Havoc go head to head in the most incredible helicopter sim ever seen on a PC. Easily accessible yet deeply challenging gameplay, an intense and absorbing atmosphere and super- fast speeds make the Apache Havoc an amazing flying experience.

ags enemy, engaged, apache, havoc, eng
   Author: colliders | 8-11-2010, 11:19
[PC] Jane Croft the Baker Street Murder - ENG

[PC] Jane Croft the Baker Street Murder - ENG | 110 MB

Help the famous detective Croft solve the case of the Baker Street Murder, and uncover the conspiracy about the murder of her partner! Find clues and interview suspects in different locations that will keep you guessing! Bring justice to a murderer, and avenge your fallen partner. Use your Hidden Object skills to crack the case in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder!

ags jane, croft, the, baker, street, murder, eng
   Author: marry | 8-11-2010, 11:09
AHx-1 (PC/Eng).

AHx-1 (PC/Eng)
PC game | English | Genre: Helicopter Sim | 265 MB

If you've always wanted to pilot a state-of-the-art chopper behind enemy lines, you'll enjoy the combative thrills of AHX-1. Hop in and fly for a secret CIA operative attempting to stamp out a drug cartel in Columbia. A manual guidance feature allows you complete control over your TOW missiles and other weapons, and awesome flight physics deliver white-knuckle action. There are nearly 50 missions in all, and each of them unfolds in real time, with incredible attention to story points.

ags ahx, eng
   Author: dlsoftsdotnet | 8-11-2010, 10:55
AHx-1 (PC/Eng)
AHx-1 (PC/Eng)
PC game | English | Genre: Helicopter Sim | 265 MB

ags ahx, eng
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