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Author: nhammen | 8-11-2010, 09:38
TechShopXP v4 Windows XP.

TechShopXP v4 Windows XP | 3.14 GB

--==READ ME==--
This version autoinstalls the Updates:
.Net 4 Framework

This version autoinstalls these Applications:
Avast Anti-Virus
Open Office Suit
7-Zip Archival Utility
VLC Media Player
BitTorrent Client

Also included on the Disc:
CCleaner Setup
Speccy Setup
Windows Activator (axon_t) FOR DEBUGGING ONLY!
Quake (Portable) :^)
Google Chrome

No bugs fixed in this release... Yay!

Create a "real" OEM Logo...

Q: What is TechShop Edition?
A: TechShop Edition is my custom unattended install for Windows XP Home and Professional.

Q: Who will likely find TechShop Edition the most useful?
A: Computer technicians who would like to automate the install of Windows XP but do not wish to create a custom image themselves. As the name implies, TechShop Edition is aimed to meet some of the needs of a computer shop, and having a quick convenient way to deploy an OS is one of them.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: I recommend using a machine with at least 1gb of RAM. Anything less than that and the setup will increase the size of the pagefile, and make everything super slow.

Q: How will TechShop Edition affect my computer?
A: This is designed to be installed on computers for sale to the public. As such it will format the _entire_ hard drive of the target machine. (Its too bad this answer was added after someone found out the hard way...)

Q: What is the administrator password for this version?
A: Look in the file located at CD-ROOT:\i386\winnt.sif the administrator password will be listed inside there.

Q: Can I contact you with questions?
A: Yes, but I am a very busy person... please don't expect immediate replies. I will not reply if the question has not been googled.

Q: Can I contact you offering money?
A: Yes. You may even find your question answered before the others!

Q: How do I activate this copy of windows?
A: When prompted, enter the OEM Product Key from the sticker on the side of the computer.
A2: Debugging tools for windows activation may be found in TOOLS

Note: The activation debugger scans positive for a trojan/malware by avast. It is up to you whether or not you trust me enough to ignore this warning. If not, I'm sure there are other solutions to your problems all over the internet. :-)

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